Submarine Pin – United States Navy Gold Submarine Dolphins Lapel Pin

Our United States Navy Gold Submarine Dolphins Lapel Pin is made from the highest quality materials.

It is manufactured by the people that supply the military bases and is fully guaranteed.

This collector pin would make a wonderful addition to your collection or a great gift.

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submarine navy gold Dolphins Lapel pin

Submarine Model – Los Angeles Class Submarine Model (1/192 Scale)

Los Angeles Class Submarine Model (1/192 Scale).
USS Dallas (SSN-770), a Los Angeles-class submarine, is one of two ships of the United States Navy to be named for Dallas, Texas, although another two ships were scheduled but never completed.

The LA class serves as the backbone of the United States submarine force. The LA class is an attack submarine, whose mission is to engage enemy surface ships and submarines perform covert operations, and to protect carrier battle groups (CVBGs), which are the primary unit of US naval/military power. The USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) was ordered on January 8, 1971, and was commissioned on November 13, 1976. USS Dallas (SSN-700) was launched on April 28, 1979 and was commissioned on July 18, 1981. Dallas is assigned to the US Atlantic Fleet and is home ported at Groton, CT. Since then, eighty-five Los Angeles Class ships have been delivered to the US Navy, with most of them still operating in 2002. USS Dallas was featured prominently in the novel and film adaptation of Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October. The USS Dallas was also featured as the submarine commanded by Tessa’s late father in Full Metal Panic!, it was the Dallas that was in peril and ended up being saved by Richard Merdukas. USS Dallas was mentioned in the BBC drama Threads, as being sunk (presumably by Soviet forces) in the waters off Iran in the lead up to war.

Dimensions: 2″L x 9.5″W x 7.04″H

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submarine model Los Angeles

Submarine Gifts – Tri-fold Wallet of Heavy Duty Nylon and Embroidered Dolphons – US Navy Submarine Service


Made of durable nylon that will last a long time

Embroidered Submarine Dolphins

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USN Submarine Service Skull Light T-Shirt

USN Submarine Service Skull T-Shirt
Color Choices: Ash Grey and Light Blue

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Submarine Toys – Amazing Sumbarine Toy with WORKING Underwater Motor by Playmobil Toys


Deep Sea Submarine toy with working Underwater Motor.

This functioning submarine comes equipped with a waterproof cabin to keep figures dry, as well as two claws for picking up valuable ocean objects. Control the depth of the submarine with the hand pump. Set also includes two figures, underwater motor, ocean crystals, and other accessories.

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Submarine Documentary – Submariners: The Men of the Silent Service – Special Extended Edition Two DVD Collector Set

submarine-documentary-submariners-dvd-300x300Submariners: The Men Of The Silent Service

Submarine Documentary Movie
Special Two Disc DVD Set –

( The Submarine Service Veteran Edition
for Mature Audiences )

“This is the BEST submarine documentary
I have ever seen.”

– Fred Reker
( Diesel Submarine Veteran – USS Razorback)

“Truly, a work of art.”
– Gordon Palmer / National Editor
American Submariner Magazine

Provocative… Unscripted… Revealing !

The feature Submarine Documentary Movie about the men who served in the Silent Service.

From Diesel Submarine Sailors to the record breaking triumphs of the USS Nautilus to the tragedy of the
USS Scorpion to the Cold War monsters of the deep …

From the height of drama to the salty humor of the Submariners, this feature length Submarine Documentary explores the common threads that bind the members of the Silent Service.

This is a special, extended US Submarine Veteran edition. Two DVDs packed with fascinating special features. Including exclusive featurettes and interesting and humorous outtakes.

submarine-movie-submarine-history-documentary-top-600w“As a collector of submarine artifacts, photos, and films …

… I thought I had seen most of the available vintage submarine film footage.

The new material found in this documentary is nothing short of unbelievable.

Even the most seasoned submarine veteran will enjoy the previously unseen footage in this film.”

– Jon Jaques ( Submarine Veteran USS Ohio )

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  • Submarine Hat – US Navy “Best Marine is a Submarine” Ball Cap

    Made in the U.S.A

    Quality embroidery

    Great gift

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    submarine hat best marine is a submarine

    Submarine Pins – Large Navy Submarine Wreath Badge/Hat Pin

    1 5/8″ wide

    Features Gold Wreath with Silver Submarine

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    submarine hat pin

    Submarine Model Kit – Hobby Boss Russian Typhoon Class Submarine Boat Model Building Kit

    Russian Typhoon Class Submarine. Soviet/Russian nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Kit has detailed full hull, optional surface or submerged bridge and bow planes plus pre-finished plastic display stand.

    The TYPHOON class ballistic missile submarine is the largest submarine in the world by far .It was one of the most feared weapons of the Cold War. The submarine’s design includes features for traveling under ice and breaking ice. Each submarine is capable of carrying twenty long-range ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. The missile has a range of up to 10,000 km and was once aimed at the United States . The lead unit of this class was commissioned in September 1980 and introduced into the Northern fleet on 12 December 1981. During 1981 to 1989, six Typhoon submarines entered service. A seventh vessel was begun but never finished.

    – Completed length approximately 9 5/8″
    – Includes color painting guide and decals for hull markings
    – 1/700 Scale Ship

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    submarine madel russian typhoon

    Submarine Games – Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific Gold Edition – PC

    Hollywood Blockbuster Experience – Lifelike graphics and spectacular audio/visual effects offer an incredibly immersive gaming experience. Witness historical accuracy and amazing attention to detail, from breathtaking Pacific settings to more than 75 authentic-looking war machines such as the U.S. Gato sub, the Japanese Yamato flagship, and the Kawanishi aircraft

    Large-Scale Naval Engagements – Witness epic naval engagements either firsthand or via radio messages and orders from high command.

    Innovative Crew Evolution – Earn upgrades and experience to guide the evolution of crewmembers, making your men the most effective naval force in the Pacific theater

    Immersive Single-Player Gameplay – Diverse mission objectives and events on over 15 maps combined with unique rewards make each campaign a unique experience. Commandeer various U.S. submarines and progress in your career as a naval officer via improved dynamic campaigns in Career mode, or dive into instant actions’ and single patrols for a quick fight.

    Addictive Online Adversarial Mode – Join forces with up to 8 friends via LAN or 4 via the Internet in either cooperative or adversarial gameplay modes. Scripted and generated mission types allow for epic online battles and unlimited replayability

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    Submarine Books – Thunder Below!: The USS *Barb* Revolutionizes Submarine Warfare in World War II

    Medal of Honor holder Fluckey relates the story of his wartime command, U.S. submarine Barb.
    The USS Barb was the Navy’s most successful submarine in WW II. Operating mainly in the South China Sea, the Formosa Strait and the forever mysterious Sea of Okhotsk, the Barb sank at least 29 Japanese ships and climaxed its final patrol with an audacious commando raid on land during which the crew destroyed a 16-car train.

    This was the sole U.S. military landing on Japanese soil during the war. Drawing on ship’s logs, letters, interviews, diaries and his own memory, Fluckey, a retired rear admiral, reconstructs every attack by and against the sub from its eighth through its 12th and last patrol.

    Highly recommended for World War II collections. Military Bk. Club main selection.

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    Submarine Books – Stalking the Red Bear: The True Story of a U.S. Cold War Submarine’s Covert Operations Against the Soviet Union

    The thrilling untold story of Cold War submarine espionage and an inside look at the U.S. Navy’s “Silent Service”

    Stalking the Red Bear—for the first time ever—describes the action principally from the perspective of a commanding officer of a Sturgeon-class nuclear submarine during the Cold War, taking readers closer to the Soviet target than any work on submarine espionage has ever done before.

    This is the untold true story of a covert submarine espionage operation against the Soviet Union. Few individuals outside the intelligence and submarine communities knew anything about these top-secret missions, and with good reason: the curtain of secrecy surrounding submarine operations, beginning in World War II, is nearly impenetrable.

    Cloaking itself in virtual invisibility to avoid detection, this Sturgeon-class boat went sub versus sub deep within Soviet-controlled waters north of the Arctic Circle, where the risks were extraordinarily high and anything could happen. Readers will know what it was like to carry out a covert mission aboard a nuke and experience the sights, sounds, and dangers unique to submarining.

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    Submarine Gifts – Submarine Service Custom Etched Navy Submarine Dolphins on 23 Oz Pilsner Glass Set of 2

    Submarine Dolphins on 23 Oz Pilsner Glass Set of 2

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    Individually handcrafted and sandcarved etched

    Not mass producted / Unique / On Quality Libbey Glassware

    Excellent gift for anyone who is or ever has been in the US Navy Submarine Service.


    Submarine Movies – Hell And High Water – DVD

    Hell and High Water in Technicolor and CinemaScope

    Submarine adventure and the threat of World War III come together in director (and co-writer) Samuel Fuller’s Hell and High Water, a 1954 film that remains surprisingly relevant more than half a century later. When an enormous nuclear explosion is traced to somewhere between the tip of northern Japan and the Arctic Circle, followed by the disappearance of a prominent French atomic scientist (Victor Francen), it’s clear that something’s up. Did the prof defect to the dark (actually, the Red) side? Was he abducted?

    As it turns out, he’s actually part of a group of scientists, businessmen, and other distinguished gentlemen planning to send a sub to check out the scene and determine the extent of the threat. Enter Capt. Adam Jones (the redoubtable Richard Widmark), who agrees to helm the private, very secret mission for a hefty cash reward; enter also the professor’s “assistant” (Bella Darvi), herself a skilled scientist who goes along for the ride, thereby quickening the pulse of every able-bodied sailor on board the sub, especially the captain’s.

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    Submarine Poster and Warships of WWII Art Poster

  • Highly detailed poster measures 36 inches by 24 inches

  • Shiped rolled and sleeved in box designed for posters


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    Submarine Model Kit – USS Skipjack – MOEBIUS MODELS 1/72

    USS Skipjack – MOEBIUS Models – 1/72 scale

    Plastic Model Kit
    Assembly and Painting Required
    Measures 42 inches long when complete!


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    Submarine Movies – The Silver Fleet – Remastered Edition

    The Silver Fleet – Remastered Edition

    Set during the occupation of Holland during World War II, Ralph Richardson, in a very charismatic role, stars as the owner of a Dutch shipyard who pretends to collaborate with the Nazis in order to protect his wife and fellow workers.

    Inspired by the memory of the Dutch historical hero Piet Hein, he forms a complicated plan to double cross the Nazis and to sabotage the two submarines he’s been ordered to build for them. A truly rousing and patriotic WWII film, with an ending that is quite moving.

    This film has long been under appreciated.

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    Submarine Movies Collection DVD Set – Enemy Below / Submarine X-1 / Run Silent, Run Deep

    Submarine Movie Collection on DVD

    Includes three of the best must have Submarine Movies –

    Enemy Below

    Submarine X-1

    Run Silent, Run Deep

  • 3 DVD discs all in a special collector’s box set.
  • From 20th Century Fox
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    Submarine Books – Submarine (Tom Clancy’s Military Reference)

    Only the author of The Hunt for Red October could capture the reality of life aboard a nuclear submarine.

    Only a writer of Mr. Clancy’s magnitude could obtain security clearance for information, diagrams, and photographs never before available to the public.

    Now, every civilian can enter this top secret world…the weapons, the procedures, the people themselves…the startling facts behind the fiction that made Tom Clancy a #1 bestselling author.

    Submarine includes:

  • Exclusive photographs, illustration, and diagrams
  • Mock war scenarios and weapons launch procedures
  • An inside look at life on board, from captain to crew, from training exercises to operations
  • The fascinating history and evolution of submarines
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    Submarine Games – Submarine Sunken Treasures

    Two new maps for Power Grid. This is an expansion pack, so you will need the Power Grid game to play with it.

    As with the original, the board has a different map on each side: Benelux on one side and Central Europe on the other. Along with the maps are small rule changes to reflect the power culture in these two countries. As the Benelux countries support ecological power, players may have greater opportunities to acquire such power plants. Also, oil is more available and coal less available in these countries. As Poland has large coal supplies, coal will be much more plentiful then elsewhere in Central Europe. However, due to political stands taken by some countries, players may be limited in their access to nuclear power. The result is not just new maps, but new ways to play this great game.

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    submarine toys submarine sunken treasures

    Submarine Poster – M F Winter Navy Ballistic Missile Submarine Aviation Art Print Poster (16×20)

    Absolutely Amazing!

    This wonderful poster adds a unique style to your room setting and goes well with any décor style.

    Ballistic submarines as the Navy’s ‘bombers’ carry the nation’s strategic nuclear deterrent in the shape of Trident nuclear missiles. One of these four big submarines is always on patrol somewhere in the world’s oceans, a round-the-clock insurance policy for the country.

    Hurry up and grab this wonderful wall poster for its durable quality and high degree of color accuracy.

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    submarine poster navy ballistic missile

    Submarine Movie – K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)

    Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Joss Ackland.

    The riveting drama of a Russian submarine crew that tries to avoid a nuclear meltdown during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Based on a true story. Includes director commentary, behind-the-scenes footage and more.

    Based on an incident that was officially suppressed for 28 years, K-19: The Widowmaker is a fine addition to the “sub-genre” of submarine thrillers. The first major American film about Russian cold war heroes, it re-creates the nightmare endured in 1961 by the crew of the Soviet nuclear submarine K-19, when an exposed reactor core nearly resulted in a nuclear catastrophe. Several crewmen died, and K-19’s captain (played by Harrison Ford) had to assert his command when near-mutiny favored his executive officer (Liam Neeson).

    2002/color/138 min/PG-13/widescreen.

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    submarine movie k19

    Submarine Model – Hasegawa 1/72 Manned Research Submersible

    This is a Hasegawa 1/72 scale assembly and painting required plastic model kit of the Manned Research Submersible Shinkai 6500, a Japanese deep-submergence research vessel.

    Model kit features: Kit features multipart full hull with engraved panel lines, rotatable propulsion screw in pivoting main thruster assembly, clear-molded view portholes, detailed external appendages (horizontal thrusters, camera array, sample baskets and remote manipulator arms), finely molded hull fittings, removable ballast and display stand.

    Molded in white, orange-yellow and clear; completed model is approximately 5.4″ long. Includes 6-view painting guide and decals for hull markings and stand nameplate.

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    submarine madel hasegawa

    Submarine Movie – Gray Lady Down – DVD – Charlton Heston

    Charlton Heston (Actor), David Carradine (Actor), David Greene (Director)

    Starring Charlton Heston and David Carradine.

    The tense story of a nuclear submarine that is rammed by a Norwegian freighter and plummets 1,400 feet before coming to rest on a crumbling sea shelf.

    1977/color/111 min/PG/widescreen.

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    Submarine Movie – The Enemy Below – DVD

    Robert Mitchum (Actor), Curt Jürgens (Actor), Dick Powell (Director)

    It’s Mitchum vs. Jurgens as the commanders of an American destroyer and a German U-boat play a deadly game of cat and mouse.

    Both commanders are good men with a job to do, but with the German commander’s distaste for Hitler and the Nazis we find this submarine movie engaging our sympathy with the German sailors almost as much as the Americans.

    Made at the height of the cold war of the 1950s

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    Sweatshirts – Vintage He Volunteered for Submarine Service Poster – Sweatshirts

  • Blend of 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Washing instructions: Do not use bleach, dry on low heat, turn inside out
  • Available in white
  • Custom printed image applied.
  • Sizes are unisex
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    submarine Vintage shirt

    Submarine Documentary – Submarine: Hidden Hunters

    Matthew Howe (Director) | Rated: G | Format: DVD

    They are the most advanced attack submarines in history: the ships of Virginia Class. Onboard the submarine meet the Chief of the Boat, get a taste of undersea life , and discover the technological marvels involved in this boat s totally new mission.

    Also includes The Ultimate Guide: Submarines

    The most powerful weapon in any country s arsenal, today s submarines are known for stealth and firepower. Board one of these mini-cities at sea for a peak at the crowded, yet remarkably efficient, design of the submarine. This ULTIMATE GUIDE takes you inside a military submarine, down narrow passageways to reveal rows of nuclear missile tubes, tightly confined living quarters, and the place where all strategic operations occur — the control room.

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    US Navy Armed Forces Military Hat or Shirt Large Iron On Patch – U.S. Submarine Service Veteran Applique


  • Style of Patch – Embroidered Iron On – Heat Activated – High Quality
  • Great for T-shirts, Hats, Jeans, Shorts, Luggage, Backpacks and Sweatshirts.
  • Our High Quality patches make excellent gifts to give to collectors of any genre.
  • Use this patch to add to the appeal of clothing, uniforms, or luggage.
  • Easily customize anything to create your own personalized look.
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    Submarine Documentary – Submarine: Steel Boats – Iron Men

    Tom Clancy, Edward L. Beach, Kirk Wolfinger (Director)

    Everyday, American submariners go below the waves for months at a time on submarine patrols. Steel Boats – Iron Men is the only film where the US Navy allowed filmmakers to go down with them. The film presents a never before seen look inside a state of the art nuclear powered submarine on patrol. It shows, in extraordinary detail, the daily ordinary and extraordinary lives of submariners. You will see things in this film that you have never seen before.

    Steel Boats: Iron Men ran on primetime public television and received one of the highest ratings of the year. Now you can enjoy this experience at home.

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    submarine-documentary-steel-boats-iron-men-dvdThe filmmakers also spent time trying to understand the character and personality that allows someone to become a submariner. They looked at training, family life, background, etc. The viewer visits a ” wet trainer” at Sub School to see what these submariners must endure before they ever climb inside one of these remarkable ships.

    Who are these men, who live confined in a steel tube deep in the ocean for months at a time, surrounded by a hostile environment, in constant danger? What do they do and why do they do it?

    Submarine Books – The War Below: The Story of Three Submarines That Battled Japan

    THE WAR BELOW is the riveting story of the submarine force that helped win World War II in the Pacific by ravaging Japan’s merchant fleet and destroying the nation’s economy.

    Focusing on the unique stories of three of the war’s top submarines — Silversides, Drum, and Tang — author James Scott takes readers beneath the waves to experience the determination, heroism, and tragedy that defined the submarine service.

    Based on more than 100 interviews with submarine veterans and thousands of pages of previously unpublished letters and diaries, The War Below will let readers experience the battle for the Pacific as never before.

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    From the thrill of a torpedo hit on a loaded freighter to the terror of depth charge attacks that shattered gauges and sprang leaks, The War Below vividly re-creates the camaraderie, exhilaration, and fear of the brave volunteers who took the fight to the enemy’s coastline. Scott recounts incredible feats of courage — from an emergency appendectomy performed with kitchen utensils to the desperate struggle of sailors to escape from a flooded submarine trapped on the bottom — as well as moments of unimaginable tragedy, including an attack on an unmarked enemy freighter carrying 1,800 American prisoners of war.

    The casualty rate among submariners topped that of all other military branches. The war claimed almost one out of every five subs—and a submarine crewman was six times more likely to die than a sailor onboard a surface ship. But the submarine service accomplished its mission; Silversides, Drum, and Tang sank a combined sixty-two freighters, tankers, and transports. So ravaged from the loss of precious supplies due to the destruction of the nation’s merchant fleet were the Japanese that by the war’s end hungry civilians ate sawdust while warships lay at anchor due to lack of fuel and pilots resorted to suicidal kamikaze missions. In retaliation, the Japanese often beat, tortured, and starved captured submariners in the atrocious prisoner of war camps.

    Submarine Model Kit – Revell of Germany U-Boat Type VIIC/41

    German U-boat Highly Detailed Model Kit

    U-Boat Type VIIC/41

  • New parts for the wooden deck planking
  • Beautifully detailed hull with rivets and seams
  • Detailed conning tower, rudder and propellers
  • Periscope to be installed up or down
  • Includes waterslide decals for 3 boats:
    U 292, U 318, U 998 and U 1004

  • Includes display stand
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    Submarine Gifts – SUBMARINE CROSSING Sign xing gift novelty US Navy Naval silent service nuclear sub – Made in the USA


  • Brand New
  • Perfect Gift Idea!!!
  • Proudly Made In the U.S.A.
  • Top Quality Sign
  • Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor
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    Submarine Hat – Submarine Service US Navy Unit Cotton Cap – Submarine Grey

  • 100-percent-cotton
  • Made of 100% cotton.
  • One size fits most with adjustable buckle strap, fitting up to XL.
  • Crown measures 3 1/2 deep, 6 panels, constructed, low profile.
  • Curved bill measures 3 inches long, same color under bill.
  • Thick and soft material.

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    Submarine Movies – Cold War Thriller – Ice Station Zebra

    Ice Station Zebra stars Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Jim Brown, Patrick McGoohan.

    An American submarine commander stationed in the North Pole unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of a brutal U.S.-Soviet conflict.

    John Sturges directed this suspenseful Cold War thriller.

    1968 / color / 150 min / NR / widescreen.

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    Submarine Books – Weapons of War Submarines 1940-Present

    Part of the Weapons of War series, this book features more than 150 color and black & white illustrations and photographs as well as detailed specifications on submarines from 1940 to the present.

    Submarines 1940–Present brings together the most important submarines from the beginning of World War II to the present in a single, handy volume arranged in alphabetical order.

    The book includes World War II classics, such as U-47 and HMS Vagabond, as well as modern nuclear-powered submarines, such as the Chinese Song class, the Russian Borei class, and USS Seawolf.

    Each submarine entry includes a specifications table with essential information such as armament, weight, speed, and range

    Click on the image above
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    Submarine Books – SUBMARINES: 1914-Present (The Essential Naval Identification Guide)

    The Essential Naval Identification Guide: Submarines 1914-Present offers a highly illustrated guide to all the main classes of submarines to be used in naval warfare from the beginning of World War I to the present day.

    Divided by era, campaign and country, the book includes sections on submarine forces in 1914, technical developments during the 1930s, the Atlantic convoy war during World War II, Soviet submarine development during the Cold War, the introduction of nuclear-powered submarines, submarines of the Falklands War, and the latest ICBM carriers.

    All the main types are included, from the World War I-era German U-1 and British F-class, through the Type VII U-boats and US Gato class of World War II, and coming up-to-date with the latest missile submarines, such as HMS Astute, USS Virginia, the Russian Borei class, the Chinese Shang class and the INS Arihant.

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    Submarine Toys – Diving Submarine by Miles Kimball

    Gosh! Do I remember the fun I had with this toy way back in the good ‘ole days.

    The original 1950’s cereal premium is back, thrilling modern kids as it surfaces and dives again and again-powered by household baking powder!

    I had loads of fun at bath time watching my own submarine dive and then surface again on its own. A fun and scientifically based toy.Perfect for your kids / your grandchildren

    Simply fill sub with baking powder (not included) and safe, non-toxic gas forms, making it buoyant enough to surface. Ages 6 and up. 4 1/2″Lx1 3/4″W. SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 years old

    Click on the image above
    for more details

    submarine-toys-diving-submarine-1I remember trying this out in a recreational lake swimming area.

    It disappeared in several feet of dark lake water and I was thinking it was lost –

    but then it surfaced!!!

    Was I thrilled !

    The kids in your life will be thrilled also by this amazing and fun toy submarine.

    Submarine Models – Uss Lionfish Submarine – Revell

    Revell 1:180 Uss Lionfish Submarine

    A classic example of a WWII fleet submarine, the Lionfish wreaked havoc with Japanese shipping.

    Features: Detailed conning tower, display stand, waterslide decals.

    The submarine proved to be the demise of virtually the entire Japanese merchant fleet during World War II in the Pacific. It was also effective in scouting the location and movement of enemy ships and transporting raiding parties and coastal lookouts to Japanese held locales. It had six forward torpedo tubes and four aft tubes. Highly detailed hull, deck, bridge, and conning tower. Twin propellers, fore and aft diving planes. One deck gun 4″/50 caliber Two 20 millimeter Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns. One 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns Contains a memorial display stand and authentic waterslide markings.

    Click on the image above
    for more details


    Submarine Gifts – Travel Mug – “See Action Now Join the Submarine Service”


  • 14oz capacity
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy-grip handle with thumb rest
  • Slide opening lid with slanted drinking surface
  • Not microwave safe, hand washing is recommended
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    for more details

    Submarine Games – Naval Assault: The Killing Tide – XBOX 360

    This Xbox 360 video game is an exciting “shoot ’em up” style of game.

    You are behind the controls of various World War II U-boats.

  • Unique genre/game within current video game space

  • Use classic, realistic WWII submarines

  • Co-op multiplayer gameplay allows for friends to play together

  • Use torpedoes to take out enemy ships and cannons to shoot down enemy planes

  • Click on the image above
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    Submarine Pins – Metal Lapel Pin – US Navy Pins & Emblems – Sub-Surface Pins – US Navy Polaris Patrol Submarine (2-1/2″)


  • Pewter Lapel Pin
  • Great for T-shirts, Hats, Jeans, Shorts, Luggage, Backpacks and Sweatshirts.
  • Approx 1″
  • Use this Pin to add to the appeal of clothing, uniforms, or luggage.
  • Easily customize anything to create your own personalized look.
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    Submarine Documentary – Silent Victory Submarine Warfare in WWII – Rare Archival Footage – 2 DVD Set

    During World War Two, the US Submarine Fleet crippled Japan’s industry and prevented re-supply and reinforcement of Japanese island garrisons by virtually destroying her merchant fleet.

    This Submarine Documentary, Silent Victory includes rare archival footage of epic naval battles and exclusive veteran interviews, covering the submarine war from the declaration of unrestricted submarine warfare after Pearl Harbor to Japan’s unconditional surrender in Tokyo Bay.

    The second DVD includes the documentary “Devil Boat” that follows a group of Portland, Oregon PT Boat veterans as they attempt to resurrect the PT boat PT 658 from the ravages of time and neglect, sixty years after the end of WWII.

    Click on the image above
    for more details


    Submarine Books – Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage

    “Blind Man’s Bluff” is a story of heroes and spies, of bravery and tragedy.

    It reads like a spy thriller – except everything in it is true!

    For decades American submarines have roamed the depths in a dangerous battle for information and advantage in missions known only to a select few. Now, after six years of research, those missions are told in Blind Man’s Bluff, a magnificent achievement in investigative reporting.

    This is an epic of adventure, ingenuity, courage, and disaster beneath the sea, a story filled with unforgettable characters who engineered daring missions to tap the enemy’s underwater communications cables and to shadow Soviet submarines.

    Click on the image above
    for more details


    Submarine & U-Boat Poster Chart of Submarine Classes in History


    Click on the image above
    for more details

  • Highly detailed poster measures 36 inches by 24 inches

  • Ships rolled and sleeved in box designed for posters

  • Submarine Poster Ohio Class Ballistic Missile Navy Submarine Picture Art Print Poster (16×20)

    This beautiful art print poster goes well in any room.

    Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN – “Boomer”) like the Ohio Class provides the nation’s most survivable and enduring nuclear strike capability.

    This beautiful submarine wall poster is a great addition to any den, office or any wall for that matter.

    The USS Ohio as it begins to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California for a long mission at sea.

    High quality 16×20 production with a perfect color accuracy.

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    Submarine Model – P&o Mini Radio Control Simulated Super Submarine (49Mhz)


    Radio controlled comes with a high sensitive transmitter
    Simulating a true style- Excellent paint quality
    Full function:diving,forward,left turn,right turn,surface

    Package includes:

    Super Submarine remote controlled
    One remote radio controller

    Ages: 8+
    Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
    Good to maintenance,clean it with the dry cloth.

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    submarine toy mini radio control submarine

    Submarine Games – Steel Diver – Nintendo 3DS

    Steel Diver is a new action-packed submarine combat game from Nintendo that immerses players in the 3D action with unique game controls and lush 3D environments.

    Choose from three different submarines, each with touch-screen control panels to guide you through treacherous undersea caverns while engaging enemy submarines, dodging depth charges, and battling massive sea creatures.

    Steel Diver also takes advantages of the Nintendo 3DS system for a combination of 3D game play and one-of-a-kind controls that make for an immersive experience.

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    submaine-game-steel diver

    Submarine Games – Dangerous Waters – PC

    Cooperative and head-to-head multiplayer modes allow controllable submarine, surface, and air platforms to battle it out in the definitive naval-combat experience.

    Players can command a platform on their own in multiplayer, or collaborate with multiple players in Multi-station mode as they each operate individual crew-stations and strive to work together as a team on the same platform.

    By assigning certain crew stations to be manned by the “virtual crewmen”, the player can hand off various functions for the simulation to manage. This allows the player to tailor the game’s difficulty level to their liking and the precise level of involvement and micro management that they wish. The player could choose to monitor every single crew station and himself or choose to just command the platform and to let the A.I. do the rest. Autocrew control is dynamic so the player can enable or disable this feature for every crew station modeled in the game.

    Detailed depictions of each controllable unit’s crew-stations and their respective arsenals provide a realistic game-play experience. Over 270 meticulously researched and modeled surface, submarine, and air units.

    Authentic simulation of sensor performance both in the air and through the ocean environment challenge the player to detect unknown enemies. Realistic depiction of flight characteristic, buoyancy, air resistance, and gravity provide realistic control and maneuvering.

    Updated 3-D graphics engine provides realistic depiction of ocean swells, water reflections, and environmental conditions using the latest vertex and pixel shader technologies.

    Extensive worldwide database provided by the U.S. Naval Institute ( offers detailed descriptions of platforms and weaponry to accommodate all possible global conflicts. Over 270 surface, submarine, and air units comprising 17 of the world’s navies can do battle for control of the open ocean.

    Powerful mission editor used by the developers to create the missions that will be shipped with the game, will also be available to the player to create their own scenarios. Players will be able to create their own single missions, multiplayer missions, or to string together their own campaigns. These tools will allow the player extensive control over the mission content and enable him to generate an infinite number of scenario possibilities.

    Players will compete in campaigns in which their actions have a profound effect on the missions that follow. The use of dynamic elements such as probability of inclusion, dynamic groups of objects, dynamic inclusion of mission goals, and rules of engagement (that can change mid-mission) all ensure that the campaigns will never play the same way twice.

    Upon selecting their platform and mission difficulty level, the player will be provided with an entirely random and dynamic scenario. It will be composed of an infinite combination of mission goals, enemy forces, and random locations.

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    submarine games dangerous waters

    Submarine Model – Submarine and Ship together – Russian Typhoon Class Submarine and USS Cole American Ship


    A submarine and ship together in the same kit

    1/700 Scale Russian Typhoon Class submarine and the USS Cole destroyer.

    The submarine kit in the box is a Typhoon-class vessel. This Project 941 or Akula type (Akula means “Shark” in Russian) is a Russian nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine that first appeared in the 1980s. It carries 20 SS-N-20 missiles, each of which contain a maximum of ten nuclear warheads. The Typhoon is the largest sub ever built, with maximum displacement of 33,800 tons and a crew of 163.


    The ship in the kit is the U.S.S. Cole is an Arleigh Burke-class Aegis-equipped guided missile destroyer. It was commissioned on 8 June 1996. The U.S.S. Cole (DDG-67), perhaps most infamously known as the vessel that was attacked and bombed by Islamic Al-Qaeda extremists while refueling in the Yemeni port of Aden on October 12, 2000. The suicide attack killed 17 sailors and wounded another 39.

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    Submarine Games – Naval Combat Pack – PC

    688(I) Hunter/Killer is the most realistic submarine simulation ever developed for PC. Master the sonar and weapons control systems, learn to develop real target situations and outfit your boat with the latest advanced weaponry. Then use your skills to complete the tour of duty and earn your dolphins to become a true submariner.

    In Fleet Command, international waterways become theaters of war. The world’s most formidable maritime powers exchange their fatal blows — and entire fleets are at your command. Strategically deploy vessels from every class – frigate to aircraft to nuclear submarine – to maintain the precarious balance of naval power and gain position for the deadly endgame.

    Sub Command puts you in charge of the most deadly modern-day submarines in the world. Play three distinct submarines across two unique and challenging campaigns. Utilize cutting-edge sensor and weapon technology to locate, track and destroy the enemy – even deliver Tomahawk missiles to inland targets. Whether transiting, diving, or surfacing you control the smartest, stealthiest and most feared subs on the water today!

    Includes A Century of Silent Service – a DVD packed with over 90 minutes of interviews, authentic historical submarine footage, and numerous bonus features.

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    submarine games naval combat pack